How Card Counting On Capsa Susun

Knowing how to count cards in capsa interchanges must be owned by any player because without knowing how to count cards can result in defeat. Capsa stacking game is a game of cards with 52 cards in the game and is played by 2 to 4 players. The game is set 13 cards in the hand into three poker – 2 out of 5 cards and 1 of 3 cards in hand will beat any card owned by another player.

The trick is that each player must divide their 13 cards into a sequence of back consisting of 5 cards, middle also consists of five cards and the card front with the number 3. That is considered poker is a card on the back of better than those in the middle and the middle should be better than the existing front. The player with the best arrangement will certainly win the round on the table. Then, what is considered good sequence of cards in the game capsa this bunk? Below we will explain how to count cards in capsa interchanges that will help ease you in the game.

How to Calculate the sequence Cards At Capsa Poker

Recognizing the type of sequences in the game capsa interchanges will be described below. Capsa stacking can be said to be a strategy game using playing cards as though the player has bad cards can even win the game. Surely they must first master is how to count cards in capsa interchanges which will be the basis for building a strategy. This game can not be underestimated again because of ever increasing interest in each month, especially in the adult class where they enjoy this game in a good way to set the cards.

The arrangement of cards in the game capsa interchanges:

High Card – High Card is a card Composition card value of poker itself. This may be a sequence of cards that form the image of poker. The order of smallest to highest card is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. For A card could be the highest number and also the lowest number in the game this. As for the calculation of the highest or strongest card are: Diamond, Clumber, Heart, Royal dam.

Value of the lowest poker card will automatically be defeated by a higher value again, namely:

One pair / two of a kind poker combination of two cards are the same, for example, J – J – 2 – 5-6, 2-2 – 7-9 – Jbanner-scorepk-00
Two pair combinations of two pairs of the same card poker, for example Q -Q – 5-5 – J, 2-2 – 7-7 – J
Three of a kind that is a combination of 3 card poker are the same, for example, Q – Q – Q – 10-4, 3-3 – 3-7 – J
Straight, namely the combination of 5 card poker sequence, for example, 10 – J – Q – K – A, A – 2-3 – 4-5
Flush is a combination of 5-card poker hand that has the same kind that is all kinds of spades or hearts. And also do not have to flush sequence the important thing is just the same kind.
Full House is a combination of three cards and two cards of poker are the same, for example 4-4 – 4 – 2-2 or 3-3 – J – J – J (a combination of one pair and three of a kind)
Four of a kind that is a combination of four cards of the same instance J – J – J – J – 5-6 or 3-3 – 3-3 – J
Straight Flush is a combination of five poker cards of the same type and also sequentially value. Royal Flush, which is a combination of five poker cards of the same type, the value sequentially and also has the highest value. Royal flush is a straight flush with the highest card value hearts and its value 10 – J – Q – K – A
The highest card value whatever it will always be inferior to the combination of cards one pair. One pair will also kalh if the two pair. Furthermore, two pair will be lost with three of a kind. Three of a kind to be inferior to straight. Straight also be inferior to flush. And flush will lose to a full house. Full house also will lose with four of a kind. Four of a kind loses to a straight flush. Straight flush will lose to a royal flush. Royal Flush is the card with the highest value in the game capsa stacking.

Player with the highest score will receive all bets. And if there are two players have a value and a combination of the same card, it will be in the taruhann 2.

The essence of the game is to combine capsa stacking poker card that looks over the kitchen with their own cards. Player who gets the highest value that is the winner.

Such guidelines on how to count cards in this bunk capsa we explain to you who want to start the game but did not understand the stacking Capsa Poker  want to start from where. If you are interested, please register yourself on our site by clicking the list button on our site.


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